Untuk anda siswa kelas XII IPS, materi sejarah yang aktual membutuhkan pemahaman yang lebih dalam. Oleh karena itu saya mencoba menyusun materi terkait dengan gambaran sebagai berikut :

Since the ongoing industrial revolution, many regions in Asia and Africa turned into a colony. European nations that colonized Asia include: English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Portuguese. While in Africa colony was divided into British, French, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Italian, Belgian, and some European countries with limited territory. It can be seen from the data, in the early 19th century colonial territory covers 51.5% in Asia and growing to 56.6%. Even more visible African region, where in the early 19th century only 10.8% and increased rapidly to 90%.

Domination over Asia Africa continued until World War II (1939-1945). Arise during the resistance against the colonial power. Along the colonial composition changes also took place, mainly as a result of World War I (1914-1918). World War II was brought tremendous impact to the international community at the time. The defeated state is bound by various agreements that are so damaging, of which the colony was taken over by the victors. State winners in addition to the political benefit, also face the reality of social, economic, cultural and community severely damaged by the war. The strength of weak colonial states after the war, encouraging the people in the Asia-Africa to rise up against colonialism.

Decolonization is a term used in carrying out the practice of European imperialism and colonialism in Asia and Africa region. However, people tend to use the term colony or a Struggle for Independence War of Independence against the practice of colonialism.Compare with the terms of Indonesia's independence war (1945 - 1949) who used the nation Indonesia Military Aggression I and II and Police Action I and II used Netherlands.After World War II ended, the urge arises from the state winners of the war that gave birth to Atlantic Charter. Atlantic Charter is the result of meeting the U.S. president, FD Roosevelt with British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. This charter contained that every nation has the right to determine their own destiny. African Asian Nations charter and immediately motivated to achieve independence, such as India and Indonesia.
Indonesia which has been independent since August 17, 1945, trying to contribute to a struggle of other nations in the Asia-Africa to achieve independence. Countries: Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Burma / Myanmar pioneering cooperation countries in Asia and Africa in world peace.On 18 - 24 April 1955 Asia-Africa Conference held (KAA) in Bandung. KAA was attended by 29 countries, including five five initiators. The conference became the starting point of the struggle for independence that was developed in Asia, Africa and supported by the participants. At the time held, many Asian and African countries face the problems and challenges. There are countries that have achieved independence and many are still under colonial rule.The influence of KAA in 1955 is very important for the Asia-Africa. Many areas of independence, such as Tunisia and Sudan (1956) and followed by other countries, especially around the year 1960.

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